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 About Us
“Generations of Adventure...
It’s In Our Nature”


The club was founded in 1970 by a small group of 14 friends intending to rally together for a few weekends a year. These members financed the foundation of the club from their own pockets. However as hardened caravanners they soon were rallying each weekend. By word of mouth about this new small friendly club the membership soon grew and saw the first members joining in March 1970.

The format for rallies has changed over the years and members are free to do what they want over the weekend. We usually have a get together on the Saturday evening and a coffee morning on the Sunday. We purchased a communal tent so that if members wish they can get together in the  evenings for a drink and/or chat. Some bank holiday rallies we try to organise different events weather permitting but again it is not compulsory to join in the event.

Over the years Motor Home owners have joined us.

We run other events during the year, in the past we have organised trips to Amsterdam, trips to caravan/motorhome shows and during the winter months we aim to organise a monthly get together at a pub along with a night out with a meal for christmas. We have also had four very successful holiday rallies in France.